"I'm a 61 year old female that tournament fishes in Camden Al and the Mobile Delta & Rivers.  This is my first Hammer Rod and I love it.  I hope to purchase the others soon and will be showing my new rod at all the tournaments."

- Sherrie, Lady Angler

"Fishing is all about making good choices and decisions.  That’s why when money is on the line I choose Hammer Rods.  They are lightweight, affordable, and backed by the BEST family in the industry."

– Brandon Perkins, FLW Costa Open Angler

"These rods are light as a feather and very sensitive yet extremely durable not to mention American made.  Everyone that puts one in their hand has to have one.  As a tournament angler, I couldn’t image competing without my Hammers."  

– Johnny Patterson, Grant Al

"I was fortunate to win the 2018 Bassmaster High School National Championship on Kentucky Lake. The victory did not come easy and I couldn’t have done it without Hammer Rods. I have used Hammer Rods for the past year and have fallen in love with them. During the National Championship,  I knew I would have to put my Hammer Rods to the ultimate test. All week long I used the 7’ Heavy, 7’3 Heavy, and the 7’3 Medium Heavy in order to secure a victory. I was flipping a ½ oz. jig under bushes, in brush piles, and even around logs and fallen trees. The sensitivity and power behind the 7’ Heavy rod allowed me to feel the fish bite,  set the hook, and get them out of heavy cover. In the morning, I would throw a weightless ribbit frog on a 7’3 Heavy. This rod has enough tip to cast the frog far but also enough backbone to pull fish out of the lily pads. Lastly, the 7’3 Medium Heavy is the perfect chatter bait rod. I threw a chatter bait on this rod all week and never had any problems sticking fish. This rod has enough parabolic bend but also the right amount of power to get the fish out from around those bushes.  Mr. Shane has done a phenomenal job of finding the right balance between power and sensitivity and that is what has made me a believer in Hammer Rods. Not only have they done a perfect job with their rods, the family behind this company has been outstanding to work with. I can always contact them whenever I need advice about fishing or just when I am placing a rod order. Hammer Rods is a family based company who takes great pride in their products and customers."

-  Grayson Morris, 2018 Bassmaster High School National Champion