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Paths to Success - A Look at Two Unique Journeys to the FLW Cup

"How did you start your fishing career?" The question all professional anglers seem to be asked at least once, if not hundreds of times in their careers. If you were to ask 10 different anglers this question, you should be prepared to get 10 different answers. Each angler has their unique path to success in the fishing industry, and that statement holds especially true for Hammer Rod pros Dakota Ebare and Joseph Webster.

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Deep Strategies Find Feeding Fish

Originally published 6/21/19 on by Outdoor Writer Kevin Tate PICKWICK LAKE • When the weather gets hot and the big bass head for the outer deep, the best fishing strategies call for following them there. It pays to arrive with the right strategy in mind. “It all starts with doing your homework, studying the map card topographics and picking out the spots you’ll want to ride over and look,” Mitch Harrison, of Dorsey said. Exactly what fishermen will be looking for, Harrison said, is a land structure at depth that has an edge facing into the current. “Any underwater structure, any hump or rise, can produce good fishing,” he said. “From the bottom of the river channel to the bank, it’s...

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