Product Review: Hammer Fishing Rods

January 15, 2015 by Jim Wall


When you go to purchase a fishing rod, what do you look for? Most tournament anglers and casual anglers alike look for things such as good feel, high sensitivity, good backbone for those rod-bending hook-sets, and a good reel seat and rod handle grip. I encourage you, that if you are in the market for a new fishing rod, to look no further than Hammer Fishing Rods from Guntown, Mississippi. These rods aren’t your ordinary fishing rods. They are made in America; manufactured in Arkansas and sold from the headquarters in Mississippi. Instead of using another companies blank, Hammer Fishing Rods have their very own blank unique to them. By saying that, lets break down the features of these great American products.
Winn Golf Grips on the Rod Handles
These rods come standard with Winn Golf Grips in the All American Elite Series, featuring the Hammer Rods logo etched into the grip. After fishing only half of a tournament season with them, I can personally testify that these grips make a major difference while fishing in hot, sweaty conditions or in rainy conditions. Instead of becoming slippery when they come in contact with slippery substances, they become tacky and stay in your hand firmly, unlike rods that feature the foam or cork grips.
Strong Backbone
Hammer Fishing Rods come with one of the strongest backbones in the industry. One of my good fishing buddies fished one of my 7’3 Ex. Heavy’s, fishing a frog on a  grass mat. When the fish smashed the frog and he set the hook, he hadn’t even landed the fish before he commented, “man the backbone in this thing is awesome!” And awesome it is; by coming onto Hammer Rods pro staff over the summer, I was able to put these rod’s backbone to the ultimate test on Guntersville’s grass mats. Fishing frogs, punching the grass with large weights, whatever you want to do with them they are most definitely built to do it. So, for you anglers who jerk the jaws off when you set the hook, these rods are made for you.
Made in America and Affordable Price
The title says it all. These days, objects made in America are few and far between. However, the things still made in America these days are some of the best quality objects produced in the world, and Hammer Fishing Rods are no exception. With their home base in Guntown, Mississippi and the manufacturing done in Arkansas, these great rods are as American-Made as it gets.
Also, these rods feature a price that serious tournament anglers will respect. Their All American Elite Series ranges in price from $164.00-$190.00, a price that is backed up by the rods great performance and long lasting durability. Some anglers spend $200+ on fishing rods from other companies, but with the price under $200 and American made, it makes Hammer Fishing Rods a major player in the bass fishing industry.
So, the next time you’re looking for a new rod to add to your arsenal, look no further than Hammer Fishing Rods. You can purchase them from or buy finding a Hammer Rods dealer near you!

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